Tipsy Hedgehog Cake – Cute & Delicious

At this time of year it’s often difficult to find something to bake that you (or a family member) hasn’t made since the beginning of time .. or so it often seems.  *ducks from flying debris from family*

While wandering around one of my favorite (Bookish) spots today I found a post by Historical Romance writer Eloisa James for what looks like a fun and unusual cake.  Doing a search for an image to show (I didn’t want to use theirs – and this one is cupcakes *grin*) I discovered that this is a very popular cake with lots of variations.  And I might just be crazy enough to try it myself.

In the meantime, here’s the link for the post over on Bookish for you to see firsthand.

Good luck if you try it.  Looks yummy.