The Return of Kris Kringle by Caroline Mickelson

After years away from the North Pole, Kris Kringle happily accepts her Uncle Santa’s offer to move back to Christmas Central as head chef. With her young daughter in tow, Kris returns home with two objectives in mind. Goal number one, bring her love of healthy eating and nutritious fare to the North Pole dining service. Goal number two, recover from heartbreak and forget Kyle Masterson, the man who broke her heart.

But when Santa hires Kyle as a new co-chef for the holiday season, Kris suddenly realizes that replacing the elves’ beloved sugar cookies with carrots is going to be a piece of cake compared to working alongside her ex-fiancé.

Titles in this series include:  Miss Kane’s Christmas – Mrs. Saint Nick – The Return of Kris Kringle

Title:  The Return of Kris Kringle
Series:  A Christmas Central Romantic Comedy #3
Author:  Caroline Mickelson
Genre:  Christmas Romance
Published:  October 10, 2014
Publisher:  Bon Accord Press
My Rating:  4 snowy stars

Probably attempting to introduce healthy eating at Christmas Central just mere days before Christmas Eve was Kris’ misfortune.  The elves have always existed on sugar cookies, hot cocoa and tons of sweets, especially during crunch time.  But she knew the benefits of eating healthy and when Santa had welcomed her back to the North Pole as Head Chef she couldn’t wait to implement her plans to add fruit and veggies… and ditching the sugar.

Unknown to Kris, Santa has hired a co-Head Chef to work alongside of her… her ex.  The man who broke her heart by not telling her the complete truth.  Technically he never lied, he just didn’t tell her some very important things during their relationship as friends, lovers and business partners.  Kyle’s idea of a menu includes all the sugar that Kris is planning to get rid of.  To say that they’ll butt heads on this is an understatement.

The Return of Kris Kringle is a fast paced, fun romance.  Two very stubborn people, a wrong that wasn’t really a terrible thing and the love of Christmas that saves them all.

Looking for a quick entertaining Christmas story this season?  Any of the novellas in the A Christmas Central Romantic Comedy series is a perfect fit.

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