The Christmas Cowboy by Shanna Hatfield

Flying from city to city in her job as a busy corporate trainer for a successful direct sales company, Kenzie Beckett doesn’t have time for a man. And most certainly not for the handsome cowboy she keeps running into at the airport. Burned twice, she doesn’t trust anyone wearing boots and Wranglers, especially someone as charming and handsome as Tate Morgan.

Among the top saddle bronc riders in the rodeo circuit, easy-going Tate Morgan can handle the toughest horse out there, but trying to handle the beautiful Kenzie Beckett is a completely different story. 

Titles in the Rodeo Romance series include:  The Christmas Cowboy – Wrestlin’ Christmas – Capturing Christmas – Barreling Through Christmas – Chasing Christmas –

Title:  The Christmas Cowboy
Series:  Rodeo Romance #1
Author:  Shanna Hatfield
Published:  October 16, 2013
My Rating:  4.5 stars

I love Christmas Romances across all genre.  Recently I discovered Shanna Hatfield’s Western Historical Romance series Hardman Holidays which is a delightful group of Christmas stories.  So having found a new to me author to catch up with I started looking for back lists and was delighted to discover that she not only writes Western Historicals but Contemporary Romance as well.  So, yeah.  My reading list for 2018 just filled up with a few more pages *grin*

Now this series Rodeo Romance may have started back in 2013 but what I’m loving is that there has been a new addition to this series every single Christmas season since it began.  Not only do I get to step back into this world yearly, but also get a glimpse of old friends as well.  It’s a perfect reading storm for me.

Both Kenzie and Tate travel a lot for their respective professions so it probably wasn’t too odd to begin to see familiar faces passing by at the airport over a few months.  When Tate finally took fate into his own hands and asked to occupy an empty seat next to the beauty he kept seeing at the airport, well it would be easy to say the rest is history.  But these two have a lot to get through before they find their perfect happily ever after.

I had such an enjoyable time with Tate and Kenzie, their romance is completely believable and we’re introduced to people and situations that I can easily see being part of their  lives.  Kenzie has some serious insecurities and trust issues, especially around cowboys and knowing her history it’s easy to see why.  She stepped away from the ranching life at a young age and never looked back.  Her track record with cowboys isn’t the greatest so she’s turned her back there as well.  With Tate being a rodeo star and a major contender to take the championship slot for his bronc riding this year, he’s not a man that Kenzie would normally want to get involved with.  Yet he’s a stubborn cowboy and she does take a chance – only to have her worst fears confirmed, even if she was completely wrong about that situation.

What follows is a touching story about taking chances, believing in someone enough to allow trust and love to flow freely.  Kenzie and Tate will go through some dangerous moments, some tender times and a frightening situation before they finally admit to their true feelings for each other.  The journey to their happy ending is intense, funny, charming and so full of love that you’ll be wearing a smile most of the time.  There is no swearing, some intense at times kissing and a whole lot of underlying sexual tensions but no actions in this romance.  Tate and Kenzie make a lovely couple, the kind you want to go back and visit with again sometime soon.  I enjoyed my time in t his world and would not hesitate to recommend this story to any Romance reader.

I read this title through my Kindle Unlimited subscription.

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