The Christmas Cookie Shop by Ginny Baird

Hannah Winchester is down on her luck and disillusioned with love, but her fortunes are about to change. When Hannah inherits a defunct bakery in East Tennessee, her first thought is to sell it and settle her substantial debt. Then the townsfolk welcome her warmly and she’s taken with the joyful spirit of the place, where stores employ holiday themes and residents have surnames like Christmas and Claus.

After a handsome lawman comes to her aid dressed as Santa, Hannah learns he’s more than a hot guy in a red suit and shiny black boots. Sheriff Carter Livingston has joined in the cause of rejuvenating the town, and he’s encouraging her to do her part. Hannah’s great-grandmother, Lena, sold special holiday cookies that brought hope and renewal to the people of Christmas Town. Yet Hannah has plans elsewhere and isn’t looking to stay. Can she possibly reopen the shop known for kindling romance–without sacrificing her heart?

Titles in the Christmas Town series include:  The Christmas Cookie ShopA Mommy For Christmas – Only You At Christmas – The Doctor Orders Christmas – A Glorious Christmas (2018) – A Corner Church Christmas (2018)

Title:  The Christmas Cookie Shop
Series:  Christmas Town #1
Author:  Ginny Baird
Published:  October 25, 2016
My Rating:  5 stars

Sometimes I’m lucky enough to discover a holiday series that simply takes my breath away.  Right now that is the Christmas Town series by Ginny Baird.  I’m in the middle of the third book of this series and I honestly do not want this series to end.  The whimsy, the legendary Christmas magic, and people that you’d imagine living right down the street combined with love stories that warm the heart and open up possibilities… it’s the perfect Christmas tale storm for me.

In this introductory story of The Christmas Cookie Shop we’re introduced to the residents of Christmas Town, Tennessee and a few newcomers to the town.  Hannah has come to Christmas Town for one reason only… to sell the property she recently inherited.  She has plans, student loan debts and no cooking or baking skills whatsoever… so the best thing to do with an empty cookie shop is to sell it quickly and move on with her life.  Except there’s this magical feel to this small town, almost as if anything is possible.  It certainly doesn’t hurt one bit that the handsome sheriff seems as interested in her as she is in him.  But there’s no future for them when she leaves – but maybe Carter and the rest of the townsfolk can convince Hannah that she really has come home at last.

As Hannah slowly comes to feel at home in Christmas Town we are introduced to a magical group of secondary characters with their own unique touches of magic.  New friends, new possibilities and maybe the reintroduction of some famous magical cookies as well.  All that’s missing now is for Hannah to say yes to her heart’s desire and love the super hot and adorable man who thinks she hung the moon.  It’s all there in reach, all she has to do is believe… and stay.

I will freely admit that I’m addicted to Christmas Romances as I read them year round.  But I have to say that this series is going on that “re-read every Christmas” list of mine where the best of the best get brought out for another enjoyable reading experience.  Yeah, I think it’s that good.  With a town full of holiday cheer, family names like Christmas and Claus, the hint of Christmas magic seen from the corner of your eye… and really good, believable love stories.  That combination has everything I need to fall in love with a book… or a town.

I would recommend The Christmas Cookie Shop and this entire series to any reader who loves Christmas stories, enjoys those special touches of magic that we sometimes leave behind as we become grown up, and really interesting characters who are completely believable.  I sincerely hope that Ms. Baird continues adding to this series for many years to come.

I own a e-book copy of this story.

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