The Christmas Boyfriend by Taylor Hart

Lacey Hamilton can’t wait to get back to Snow Valley for Christmas. Until she finds out her ex and his new fiancé will be coming for Christmas dinner. Her ex broke her heart a year ago … and truthfully, she’s never gotten over him. When her crazy roommate concocts a ‘Hallmark movie’ kind of plan to pay a fake boyfriend to go to Snow Valley with her and help her win her ex back, Lacey tenuously agrees. What can go wrong? 

Dominick Carter, Air Force fighter pilot, only agreed to take leave for Christmas because his cousin promised him they would hang out. When the cousin pops the question to his girlfriend, Dom quickly realizes he’s become a third wheel. And when the chance to pose as someone’s boyfriend versus be the pity case comes available, he’ll pick the fake boyfriend gig every time.

 After trying to keep all the lies straight, a late night in the hot springs with her fake boyfriend, and a confession from the ex, it becomes apparent the whole plan has fallen apart.

 Or has it? When Lacey finally opens herself up to the fake boyfriend and gets to know him … she never thought he’d be completely different then she ever expected. Or that she might actually be more then just attracted to him…and when she kisses him…and he pushes her away…she is more confused then ever. 
Now she has to make a choice…face that the past might have been a lie, or lose a future that could be hers. 

Title:  The Christmas Boyfriend
Series:  A Return to Snow Valley Romance
Author:  Taylor Hart
Published:  October 13, 2017
My Rating:  4 stars

I think we’ve all had that one person in our lives that we were convinced that they really didn’t mean to break up with us, that if we just changed ourselves enough, o r did “whatever” necessary they’d love us again and we’d have that happy ever after ending.  Truth is that’s nothing more than a dream, and one that Lacey is about to be rudely awakened from.  I ached for Lacey in the beginning of this story.  She had completely convinced herself that if she gave up her dream, went back home that Oliver would dump his soon to be bride and be hers again.  If she hadn’t so strongly believed her version of reality she never would have bought herself a fake boyfriend.  But then she never would have discovered the difference between a dream of love and the real thing.

Dom and Lacey come alive in this story.  People with real feelings, real fears and real emotions that shouldn’t be played with.  Lacey is a type A personality, she lives by lists, and rules and a plan… even if it’s not a very good plan.  Dom will go along with her need for a fake boyfriend for his own reasons.  He really is now alone in the world aside from his cousin and best friend Justin.  And now that Justin and Lacey’s best friend are engaged, well he’s not about to be a third wheel in their new engagement plans so why not have a mini vacation with a woman who is so fun to tease.

When Oliver’s true colors shine through clearly, finally, to Lacey it changes the dynamics of everything for her.  She’s free to see her former boyfriend for the lying, cheating jerk he truly is – and she begins to see that while Dom might be a paid fake boyfriend, there are so many things about this man that draw her.  It’s not long before either begin to think of making this arrangement permanent.

I liked this couple.  Sure at first Lacey is so blinded by her love for the wrong man that she comes off a bit annoying.  Yet once the blinders are off her real personality appears, and she’s a lovely, lively young woman.  I adored her family, and the moments at the hot spring are sweet and romantic while touching a few very real nerves as well.  If you love small town romances, a realistic and believable couple then The Christmas Boyfriend should be on your Christmas Romance reading list.  It’s an enjoyable visit with a couple who will capture your heart.

I read this title through my Kindle Unlimited subscription.

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