Snowbound With Mr. Wrong by Barbara White Daille

snowbound-with-mr-wrongWorst. Day. Ever. After Lyssa Barnett’s sister tricks her into reprising her role at Snowflake Valley’s annual children’s party, she doesn’t think anything can be worse than squeezing into her too-small elf costume. Then tall, dark, and way too handsome Nick Tavlock shows up to play Santa…and an unexpected storm leaves them snowbound in the isolated lodge.

The last thing Nick wants is to spend a cozy Christmas Eve with a trio of kids and the woman who dumped him. But as much as Lyssa frustrates him, he can’t stop thinking about her. And soon, he’s fighting very un-Santa-like thoughts of kissing a certain sexy Miss Elf under the mistletoe. As Nick starts to fall for Lyssa all over again, he knows it will take nothing short of a miracle to have Lyssa in his arms on Christmas Day.

Titles in this series:  Snowbound With Mr. Wrong

Title:  Snowbound With Mr. Wrong
Series:  Snowflake Valley #1
Author:  Barbara White Daille
Published:  November 7, 2016
My Rating:  3 stars
Source:  Own Kindle Edition

Lyssa and Nick are right back where they started a year ago, the annual Christmas party at the Lodge.  Only this time neither one wanted to be there, and they had no clue that the other would be in costume yet again, playing the same roles as before.  On the surface Santa and Miss Elf went about their jolly duties, if a bit more abruptly than called for.  Inside they each were angry, hurt and annoyed at having to face each other once again.  To make matters worse there’s a blizzard headed for Snowflake Valley, and it’s about to arrive ahead of schedule.

This past summer Lyssa had broken up with Nick when she finally accepted that they were simply too different on their outlooks on life.  He always seemed to put business before them, and his constant showering her with gifts and expensive dates was over the top in showing off his success.  This unexpected meeting may have shown her how not yet over him she truly was… but come the end of the party that would be history as well.  Only fate had different plans for Lyssa and Nick… and two young children and a teenager.  Near the top of a mountain in a blizzard is no where to be caught unless you’re prepared to sit it out.  And because of delays and an injury they were late getting off the mountain – and would end up right back where they started… yet again.  Stuck together days before Christmas with no rescue in sight.

While I enjoyed parts of Snowbound With Mr. Wrong, I’m also torn about this one.  Which is why the 3 stars that is a “good story” rating.  I found little to no chemistry between this couple, not anger or lost love.  The scenes at the beginning of the story between Lyssa and Nick have the same feeling as at the ending.  I never got the sense of a great love that neither could live without.  Yes, throughout the story we get to understand a bit why Lyssa felt they were so different and unable to agree on their times together.  In truth, they each “read” each other wrong from the start.  What was perceived as their take on values and lifestyles could have easily been explained with a conversation… and that magic word, compromise.  Each assumed, and neither looked deeper for an explanation or understanding.  So I had trouble buying that they once loved each other, and through the events in this story discovered that they still loved each other.  Chemistry is a tricky thing in a relationship, and in a reader’s eyes when getting to know the main characters.  I’m sure there are readers who disagree, and that’s fine, really.  I simply couldn’t believe Lyssa and Nick as a couple.

The children actually stole more scenes than Lyssa and Nick did.  Snowbound just before Christmas – not being able to get home to Mommy and Daddy – and how would Santa find them now… yeah being trapped in a blizzard is no fun for anyone, but especially for little ones.

This was a fun holiday story to get in the mood.  And really, the only opinion that matters… is yours.

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