Rumor Has It In Christmas Falls by Melinda Curtis

Twelve unlucky years ago, rumors flew about Lexi and Kevin. And now? Well, not much has changed, except this time neither can run away. Not from Christmas Falls. And maybe . . . not from each other. 

As a political strategist at Dunlop Bennet & Associates, Lexi Townsend’s career is going nowhere. She’s a cubical dweller writing speeches for freshmen senators in DC. But if she can hitch her career wagon to a rising political star, she’ll be on her way to a corner office in no time. When she’s offered a plum holiday assignment–an ideal candidate with deep pockets, someone who could make the leap from local to national politics–she starts to dream about that corner office. 

Until she realizes her candidate is Kevin O’Malley, aka Kevin the Hottie, Kevin the Snob, Kevin the Liar, the same guy who shattered her high school reputation back home in Christmas Falls with a rumor. Assignment in hand, Lexi braces herself for the most difficult political race of her career–because this time it’s personal. 

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Title:  Rumor Has It In Christmas Falls
Series:  Return to Christmas Falls #4
Author:  Melinda Curtis
Published:  October 23, 2017
My Rating:  4.5 stars

I’m going to admit that of all the stories in the Return to Christmas Falls series (so far) this one was the most difficult for me to find an immediate soft spot for the hero.  Certainly in their past Kevin did some despicable things to Lexi.  And in their present, he’s not off to a much better start.  His actions have her denying something so fundamental that it’s playing with Lexi’s head.  How could he possibly be doing this?  And how was she supposed to be working with this man, helping get him elected when she knows there is truth that is not being told.  As a reader I was stuck with a heroine that I adored – and a hero who wasn’t being much of a hero in my eyes.

Yet… as a life long reader of plot twists, I also know to wait it out, to let Kevin and Lexi tell me their story.  And that’s when the magic happened…

And that’s as far as I want to take it for there are twists and turns that I do not want to accidentally give away.  I enjoyed Rumor Has It In Christmas Falls, and I believe once you know the core of the man Kevin is that you will as well.  What you see on the surface isn’t always the truth although the rumor mill will always view that differently.  I absolutely loved Lexi’s mom.  She is a jewel herself.

I own an e-book copy of this story.

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