Only You at Christmas by Ginny Baird

Former interior designer and store owner Olivia Livingston followed her brother to Christmas Town, Tennessee two and a half years ago and never looked back. It was the perfect place for purchasing the holiday knickknack shop, All Things Christmas, and an ideal spot for hiding from heartache. Olivia’s broken engagement to a Virginia vintner three years before shattered her illusions about love. So when a hot, young architect comes to town to restore the Grand Hotel, Olivia has no qualms about working with him on the project.

Nick Claus might be tall, dark and exceedingly handsome—with spectacular blue eyes. But that doesn’t mean Olivia’s even mildly attracted to the really nice guy, who can totally fill out a pair of jeans. And, seriously? What is the deal with him thinking he can tell when she’s been naughty or nice?

Titles in the Christmas Town series include:  The Christmas Cookie Shop – A Mommy For Christmas – Only You At Christmas – The Doctor Orders Christmas – A Glorious Christmas (2018) – A Corner Church Christmas (2018)

Title:  Only You at Christmas
Series:  Christmas Town #3
Author:  Ginny Baird
Published:  March 10, 2017
My Rating:  5 stars

Only You at Christmas is packed full of Christmas magic, romance, friends, family… and obligations.  To be blunt, I’m going to have to work hard here to not give away the magical facts within this story and keep this review general and vague.  Oh, that’s gonna be difficult for I absolutely love this one.

Another project is getting underway in Christmas Town thanks to the generosity of the townsfolk in creating one extra special fund to help out the town.  This time it’s the old rundown hotel that once was the heart of this town, but now is sadly downtrodden.  In other words, it’s a mess.  The bones of the structure are solid, with a little updating, but this is a major project that could mean so much to the continuing revitalization of this quaint and magical small town.  And there’s no one better than architect Nick Claus, Sandy’s brother, to bring this aging beauty back to her original glory.  With a bit of help from Olivia, who now runs the shop All Things Christmas, but also has an interior decorator background.  Together they could work a miracle… on more than just the building.

The Christmas magic begins early on in Only You at Christmas and doesn’t let up.  Nick and Olivia are perfectly matched, and the town matchmakers are determined to make sure they are another success story.  But they were fated long before the matchmakers got to work.  Watching Nick and Olivia navigate the joys of falling in love, and accepting destiny was a fun and touching experience.  With laugh out loud moments and swoon worthy emotions, their romance is a delight to experience.  There is so much I would love to say about this story – but I feel I shouldn’t, for I try to not do spoilers, and you really should get the magic of this romance completely first hand.  I will say that the Christmas magic makes so much sense, when you think of it all this way.

Now you need to go pick up this story, and the whole series in fact, because they’re all full of Christmas magic, love, family and possibilities.  I’d highly  recommend this series to any Romance reader who absolutely loves to fall in love with a couple, a town, a series.  You won’t be disappointed.

I own an e-book copy of this story.

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