Mrs. Scrooge by Barbara Bretton

Single mother Samantha Dean doesn’t have time for Christmas. Or romance, for that matter. She is weeks away from opening her own catering business, the most important part of her plan to provide her certified genius daughter Patty with all the wonderful things she deserves.

Except Patty doesn’t want to go to a fancy boarding school. She wants a father and when she meets bartender Murphy O’Rourke at her fourth grade Career Day presentation, she knows she’s met the man of her mother’s dreams!

But can she convince her Mrs. Scrooge of a mom that it was time to give Christmas — and love — a second chance?

Titles in the Christmas Is For Kids (Rocky Hill) series include:  Mrs. Scrooge – Bundle of Joy

Title:  Mrs. Scrooge
Series: (Rocky Hill) Christmas Is For Kids
Author:  Barbara Bretton
Published:  (original Harlequin 1989) Kindle edition Sept. 24, 2013
My Rating:  4.5 stars

Now I do not care if a book was published a week ago, a decade ago or even a century ago… as long as it delivers a great story that is all that matters to me.  And there’s no doubt in my mind that Mrs. Scrooge does indeed deliver on the promise of a family, loved filled Christmas.

Patty is a precious, adorable 10 year old little girl who just happens to be a genius.  No really, like a run circles around a college professor kind of genius.  But more important to Patty than proving mathematically that the Bethlehem star was exactly where history said it was so long ago is that her mother is happy.  And while her overworked mom might say she’s happy, she really isn’t.  Look at Christmas… or the lack of decorations around.  They don’t call Samantha Mrs. Scrooge in the neighborhood for nothing.  Yes, she’s getting her new business off the ground and everything is kind of crazy right now… but Patty has a plan.  She might no longer believe in Santa, but she knows the value of a plan… a matchmaking plan, and she has just the perfect candidate in mind.

Murphy was back home in Rocky Hill, New Jersey for the moment helping out at his dad’s bar.  Trying to get him to slow down after that heart attack hadn’t been easy, but now dad was recovering and Murphy had the bar covered.  Mostly.  He’d once roamed the world as a news reporter, and would still be in Manhattan if he hadn’t walked away over artistic freedom… truth was truth and no wrapping a pig in a gown was going to change that.  In fact, Murphy’s not too sure just where life will lead once his dad is back to running the bar, but he doubts it will be in his home town.  Murphy is about to be hit by a genius whirlwind named Patty who will offer him the best deal of a lifetime… and maybe people to fill that empty space in his heart.

Mrs. Scrooge gives us a charming, funny and realistic romance between two unlikely people who just happen to work out perfectly.  No one would argue with either Sam or Murphy that they didn’t need or want someone special in their lives.  Everyone that cares about them knows they don’t “need or want”… but when the just right for them person does come along, only a fool walks away.

I had such fun with this story.  Patty is delightful.  She’s smart but she’s also still a kid… and that’s how life should be.  Maybe your child is a genius, but they won’t be a kid forever so let them experience that unique time in life.  Sam and Murphy will move along nicely as friends until the magic happens, eyes are opened and maybe a threat and some danger ahead will help their ultimate decision along.  They make a wonderful family together, two adults that love each other and one very smart kid who saw that first.  All Patty is waiting for now is a Christmas miracle.

I read this title through my Kindle Unlimited subscription.

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