Merry Christmas to You and All You Love

It’s time for me to walk away from the computer and go do some Christmas celebrating (although that will indeed be difficult)  *grin*

My hope for any visitors who wander by this new Christmas blog is that you and those you love have a most wonderful Merry Christmas and that all your wishes come true.

My family has already received the best Christmas (or any day) present that we could ever have hoped for.  There is a lot of celebrating going on around here.

I haven’t even begun to scratch the surface of my Christmas Romance shelves, so there will be, at least daily, postings until the New Year.  After that, well, I’m planning on posting once or twice a week over the months leading up to next Christmas.  The love, joy and promise of these stories deserve to be celebrated all year long.

But for now…..  MERRY CHRISTMAS