Marrying Miss Kringle: Ginger by Lucy McConnell

When Ginger Kringle is branded to wear the magic red suit, she has to fall in love and get married before Christmas Eve to save the family business.

After being given a list (Santas love lists!) of potential Mr. Kringles, Ginger heads off to Clearview, Alaska, where she embarks on a mission to save her family, their home, the elves, the reindeer, and Christmas for children across the globe.

In her quest, Ginger finds that checking a list has much more to do with her heart than it does her head

Titles in this ongoing, yearly saga of the five daughters of Santa include:  Marrying Miss Kringle: Ginger – Marrying Miss Kringle: Lux –

Title:  Marrying Miss Kringle: Ginger
Series:  ongoing, yearly saga
Author:  Lucy McConnell
Published:  October 25, 2016
My Rating:  4.5 stars

In the long family line of Santas – and yes there is a very, very long line – Santa has had one child, a son, to pass the title and the magic on to.  Except for the current Santa who has five – yes five – daughters.  It was assumed that the eldest would get the mantle but Christmas magic has something else in mind when bestowing the magic tattoo which symbolizes exactly who Santa is… and it wasn’t Robyn, the eldest.

Life just became more dramatic, more confusing and definitely a bit crazier for Ginger when that tattoo showed up on her wrist.  Now her older sister is angry beyond words at her, there are spikes in Christmas magic that are causing major production problems… and she has to find a husband to become Mr. Claus or Christmas will be completely ruined for all the children around the globe.  But, no pressure, right?

In the small Alaskan town of Clearview resides the men on her father’s approved list.  All she has to do is pick one, convince him to give up his life, move to the magical North Pole (not the other one), fall in love with her and get married within a month.  No problem.  Right.

Of all the men, and there aren’t really that many in Clearview, that might make a new Mr. Claus – not a single one of them gives Ginger a tingle or a zap of emotion aside from friendship.  Except for one lone distant carpenter who keeps to himself, cares for his niece and absolutely without any doubt or hesitation – hates Christmas with a passion.  Joseph is the only man who gives Ginger butterflies, makes  her say silly things and believe in something beyond her lists  There must b e some way that she can change Joseph’s mind about Christmas, there simply has to be because she’s discovered that no other man on her father’s list will do.  Joseph is her Mr. Claus… now she has to convince him.

Marrying Miss Kringle: Ginger is a delightful romance with a fun twist on what we think of as Santa.  It also gives a very real and emotional view of what Christmas is like for those who never got their Letters to Santa answered in any form at all.  The requests not for a toy or a pet – but the ones that are usually beyond Christmas magic and are more of the human heart’s responsibility to do good to and for each other.  Joseph’s childhood was deplorable, and his belief in Santa ended very early.  Now this amazing woman is trying to convince him that this myth is real and he needs to get on board with her plans.  No,  not happening.

Following Ginger and Joseph’s journey was fun and sad, full of laughter and fighting down tears, and an overall good feeling.  I enjoyed myself with this one and I believe anyone who loves their Santa related romances will love Marrying Miss Kringle: Ginger.  I already have this year’s story Marrying Miss Kringle: Lux downloaded and ready to start.

I read this title through my Kindle Unlimited subscription.

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