Hope’s Gift by Terra Kelly

Greyson Lane always wanted to be a firefighter. When he fills in at the firehouse in Wilmington, he figures it will be a quick in and out. Then the cutest klutz he has ever met falls at his feet. 

Annie Jenkins was always the bridesmaid, never the bride (actually, she was a guest in the back pew no one ever noticed). When she falls at the feet of the city’s newest firefighter, she wonders if he sees her or if he’s just like every other man who’s passed right over her. What’s a klutzy girl to think when the sexiest man she’s ever seen has his sights locked on her? 

Hope Lane knows Annie is the perfect match for her charming, handsome brother. Can Hope bring these two together just in time for Christmas? Will the lights shine brighter this holiday season? 

Titles in The Winters Family series include:  Catch Me – Need You – You’re Mine – Let’s Dance – Hope’s Gift –

Title:  Hope’s Gift
Series:  The Winters Family #4.5
Author:  Terra Kelly
Published:  November 5, 2017
My Rating:  4.5 stars

I discovered this delightful Christmas novella quite by chance – that’s usually how I find good stories.  Hope’s Gift is the Christmas novella of the Winters Family series, and while I have not yet read that series I had absolutely no trouble following along with this story.  In fact, I’ll be picking up that series come the new year as I’m definitely curious now to read more.  I loved the message behind the romance, the characters came alive for me and the affection between brother and sister, sister and potential girlfriend, and woman and man were so real, so heartfelt that I could imagine these characters as people I know from down the street.  I will follow an author who not only gives me a great story but people and situations that I can relate to as believable and realistic.  Hope’s Gift is all of that and more.

Annie has an amazing and vivid imagination, she’s well read with little real life experience.  She’s painfully shy, and perhaps with reason for Annie is a walking accident waiting to happen.  To say she’s a klutz sounds rude and hateful, but in reality if there is a crack in the sidewalk you can bet that Annie will stumble over it – and boys have made bets on those kinds of things for years about Annie.  When she lets you in Annie is the most devoted friend a person could ever ask for, but not too many people gain access to her inner circle.  One word, one action that makes fun of her or an escaped giggle will turn Annie away from you forever.  And rightfully so, for no one want’s to be the fool for every living creature around.  So Annie keeps her head down, her true friends close and lives her life in her small apartment, tending her shop.

She dreams of a handsome firefighter who rescues her and loves  her forever… her dream is about to become an awkwardly begun reality.  When she actually falls at Greyson’s feet and just as swiftly disappears from sight he is captivated by a pair of surprised, beautiful green eyes.  His intention is to find out more about the girl and he gets an earful from his fellow firefighters.  He immediately shuts down their unkind comments, and sets about finding a way to get to know this angel for himself.  A fast rescue from an almost accident gives him that chance – and shall we say the rest is a delightful, touching romance that will bring a smile and a tear with ease.

I enjoyed every moment in this world.  Greyson is a strong, determined man with a love for his sister and a need to find that one woman who will love not only him but his sister as well for they are somewhat of a package deal.  Hope is delightful with wisdom and a smile at any moment.  Her baking skills will often help to break the ice and her sage advice to both Annie and Greyson will have them seeing truth where doubt once lived.  Annie is a sweet young woman who hides behind lowered eyes, she isn’t willing to take risks for she knows the cruelty of people around socially awkward people like her.  Behind her large glasses and outdated dresses lies a woman with so much to give to the right man… and that man is Greyson.  I have no doubt that you’ll come to love all three of these main characters and happily spend some of your holiday reading time with them.  I’d recommend this short story to any Romance reader, and I fully intend to catch up on the rest of this series.

I read this title through my Kindle Unlimited subscription.

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