Heart Full of Christmas

christmas-blue-bulbsI know, it seems like everyone begins the Christmas season a bit earlier every single year.

But – publishing houses start putting out their Christmas novels as early as September.  Just to get us in the mood… *grin*

I’ve held off launching this special Christmas – Holiday blog of mine for as long as I felt I could.  But the truth is I have so many Christmas Romance stories to tell you about that I simply cannot wait any longer.

Some are Christmas classic romance stories that I’ve collected over the years.  Some are brand new to us all.  But at the heart, whether they are Contemporary, Historical or Paranormal Romance, every single one celebrates this Season in its own unique way… and for a variety of reading genre tastes.

I’m also planning to feature some non-reading Christmas things as well.  So this isn’t an only books type of blog, but they are the main focus.

Because of the size of my collection (and the fact that I’ve been working and scheduling review posts for months now) you may see something in your feed or in my Twitter feed (@keeperbookshelf) several times a day until the end of the year.  It’s not my intent to pester, but to share my enjoyment of this wonderful time of year, no matter how you celebrate.  Love is universal – and I happen to love Christmas and Christmas Romance.

Some of these reviews are brand new this year, others are re-posted here from my other blogs.  But every single one is a story I enjoyed and think you might as well.

Happy Christmas Reading!