Christmas At Devil’s Gate by Fenella J. Miller

Miss Honour Fitzroy is fleeing from Sir Robert Fitzroy as her cousin is trying to force her into marrying his son.

Major, Lord Ralph Duval, is recuperating from a saber wound that almost killed him.  When her carriage breaks an axle in the snow she is obliged to take refuge at the house she believes is called Devil’s Gate.

Will Ralph be able to keep her safe or is he the biggest danger to her?

Title:  Christmas at Devil’s Gate
Author:  Fenella J. Miller
Published:  November 17, 2017
My Rating:  4 stars

A large part of my personal Christmas reading enjoyment comes from discovering so many Christmas Romances across the various genre that I enjoy.  Discovering new-to-me authors is a gift I give to myself this time of year.  So I was quite pleased to find Christmas at Devil’s Gate.

Honour is mere weeks from her birthday when she shall gain control of her sizable inheritance.  Unfortunately, until that time she is on the run from an unscrupulous and rather nasty uncle who is determined to control her vast fortunes by marrying her to his son.  That is so not going to happen.  At least, if Honour has anything to say about it.  Being out in a very bad snow storm was not the wisest decision, but if Honour is to avoid a kidnapping and forced marriage she needs to put miles between herself and her uncle.  A broken axle will change her direction, and perhaps change the course of her life as well.

As Ralph is recuperating at his estates from a very bad war injury, he is counting the day until he can return to battle.  The season means little to him, this place holds such bad memories that he’s only opened up the bare minimum of rooms for his recovery.  The last thing he expected was a young miss climbing over the locked gate at the end of his drive… or the mayhem that this lovely young woman is about to bring to his life.

I enjoyed Honor and Ralph’s story very much.  Two extremely strong willed, stubborn people, each fully expecting their decisions to be immediately acted upon – not second guessed by another.  Their story flows smoothly from madcap introduction, to attraction, to danger and perhaps a happy ending neither had seen for themselves before they met.  I don’t write this often for I’m usually content with the story the author has given me, yet I would have enjoyed a slight epilogue on this story – but that’s my own wish.  I would recommend Christmas at Devil’s Gate to any Historical or Regency Romance reader who enjoys a lively plot, strong characters and a sense of danger.

I read this title through my Kindle Unlimited subscription.

This review originally appeared on my Romantic Historicals blog.

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