A Whyte Christmas by Michele Brouder

Christmas has always been Kate O’Connor’s favorite time of the year, but this season—despite her battery-operated twinkle-light earrings—she’s feeling far from festive. In fact, she’s wallowing in a generous dose of self-pity over the loss of her father, the train wreck that was her engagement, and an unsavory setback in her career.

To make matters worse, her boss at the Cline & Co. ad agency has volunteered her to be the one-woman welcoming committee for Gavin Whyte, the VIP client from across the pond who could be the key to saving their struggling business. Eager to prove she’s a team player, Kate resolves to show Gavin a good time, hoping his dazzling blue eyes, his delicious Irish accent, and her own propensity for disaster don’t cause her to torpedo the company’s chances of recovery.

Titles in the Happy Holidays series include:  A Whyte Christmas

Title:  A Whyte Christmas
Series:  Happy Holidays #1
Author:  Michele Brouder
Published:  November 11, 2016
My Rating:  4 stars

A Whyte Christmas is a lovely holiday romance that gives us touches of reality along the way to the happy ever after.  Kate works for an ad company that is definitely on the down swing.  Layoffs, taking lower pay jobs within the company just to have a job type of down swing.  But there just may be hope on the horizon if the visiting VP overseeing his company’s ad with the agency likes what they do.  And that’s a huge “if”.  Kate has also had a rough few years in her personal life.  Her father’s death, being dumped right before her wedding have turned an outgoing, trusting woman into a person who hides her light under a bushel (as my grandmother would say).  Doing every unwanted job around the office, going out of her way to be a team player with little to no recognition for her efforts have at least allowed her to keep a job.  Now she’s being tossed to the new visiting shark and it’s sink or swim time.  Too bad Gavin Whyte is handsome, somewhat kind to her, has a lovely lilting accent and would be perfect if it appeared he wasn’t already taken… or held the sword of unemployment over all their heads.

Gavin and Kate’s romance is a slow burn, they each have an attraction but neither is actively working on doing anything about that.  For Kate’s part, she believes he already has a girlfriend and won’t be the “other woman”.  And Gavin is slowly discovering what an amazing woman Kate is, and making life changing decisions when far from home is probably not the best idea.  The attraction is there, we’ll just have to see what they do with it.

I could probably give you real life names for most if not all of the characters from Kate’s office cast.  Each one is unique, has their own quirks and annoyances.  The office staff is definitely filled with a wide variety of personalities and feels completely, almost eerily real.

I enjoyed A Whyte Christmas very much.  It’s sad at times, happy at others.  It will make you think about situations that Kate and Gavin face.  This one is far more than a holiday romance, but touches on some serious issues that we all must face in life.  I would recommend this one for any Romance reader who appreciates those touches and moments of real life on the way to a happy ending.

I read this title through my Kindle Unlimited subscription.

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