A Season of Angels by Debbie Macomber

Wishes for love bring hope from above.

Shirley, Goodness, and Mercy—three willing but sometimes wayward angels—are each given someone’s prayer to answer . . .

Shirley: She’s sent to help nine-year-old Timmy Potter, who longs for a new father. And although his mother, Jody, has vowed never to trust any man, Shirley is determined to help her love again.

Goodness: She knows Monica Fischer longs for a husband and home of her own, but the young woman has practically given up on finding the right man to stand by her side . . . until Goodness steps in to help.

Mercy: Can she bring hope back into Leah Lundberg’s life? This maternity nurse desperately wants a child to fill up the home she’s made with her husband, Andrew.

But there’s just one catch: Each angel must teach her charge a memorable lesson before the prayer can be granted . . .

Titles in the Angels Everywhere series include:  A Season of Angels – Trouble With Angels – Touched By Angels – Shirley, Goodness and Mercy – Those Christmas Angels –  Where Angels Go – Angels at the Table

Title:  A Season of Angels
Series:  Angels Everywhere #1
Author:  Debbie Macomber
Published:  December 1993
My Rating:  5 stars
Source:  Own Paperback

Part of my Christmas reading tradition always, without fail no matter the time crunch, includes at least one if not all of the stories in the Angels Everywhere series.  Paperbacks, now yellowed with age and slightly frayed around the edges, the earlier books remain on one of my “keeper shelves” year-round for I often find the need for an uplifting, entertaining and funny reminder of the good things in life and beyond.  I probably should replace the physical books with Kindle editions soon… but there’s something about the memories that flow through me holding on to those physical books as Shirley, Goodness and Mercy once again take me on another adventure with life lessons learned and love flowing.

A Season of Angels first introduced us to this angelic trio – one stern angel with a heart of gold, one voice of sanity, but willing to get into some light mischief angel and one very funny, mischievous angel who means well but electrical things just fascinate her… and she often find herself in a bit of trouble with her good intentions.

Leah wants a baby so badly, but so far she and her husband, Andrew, have been unable to make that dream a reality the old-fashioned way.  Adoption was an option they had tried, but hasn’t worked out well for them.  Her prayer is for a child… and she has no clue what she’ll have to face to make that a reality.

Timmy had written a letter to God.  His mom, Jody, found it and now has no idea of how to fulfill this particular wish.  She was still grieving over the loss of her husband years ago and hadn’t even thought about another man being in her life, but obviously her son felt that loss differently.  Her son’s prayer would involve opening up her own heart to love again… and she’s not sure she can do that.

Monica has become a very judgmental young woman.  At a mere 25, she should be enjoying life and meeting people.  Instead she feels that as the daughter of a minister, her calling is to insure that people stay on the straight and narrow path.  While that is admirable, she’s taken it to such extremes that no one wants to be around her much at all.  She longs for a man in her life to love her as she is… but it’s going to take a very special man, one who can also show her who she could be as well.

Each angel’s charge is interesting and faced with challenges.  Shirley, Goodness and Mercy will help to the best of their abilities and along the way these angels may learn a few lessons themselves.  Told with an obvious faith and Christmas spirit, several humans are getting some very special visitors this Christmas season… and no one is going to be quite the same again.

I enjoyed A Season of Angels very much.  It’s a story that always gives me hope for the human race, no matter how bad we seem to get.  The characters are realistic and the solutions are at times… quite ingenious or plain good luck.  Looking for a fun, entertaining Christmas spirit filled read this season?  Then this is one you’ll want to check out.  The original story may have been written years ago – but the message is still as bright and clear as ever.  I would highly recommend any of the books in the Angels Everywhere series.  It’s hard to stop at just one.

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