A Mommy For Christmas by Ginny Baird

Northern Virginia attorney Ben Winchester has spent the past four years being the best single dad he could be to his eight-year-old daughter Lily. Yet, last Christmas, he was unable to give her the one thing she asked for: a mommy. Since his late-wife’s death, Ben has scarcely dated at all. He’s also had a hard time with the holidays. When Ben and Lily venture to Christmas Town, Tennessee for Ben’s sister’s December wedding, they discover a village infused with holiday joy.

Upbeat Sandy Claus runs the Snow Globe Gallery…loves sleigh bells, winter and kids. She has a special way about her, and is the most caring and intuitive person Ben has ever met. When Ben finds himself falling for the beautiful blonde with big blue eyes, she hesitates about becoming involved due to some unusual family history. Despite complications that ensue, will true love prevail with Ben making his–and Lily’s–fondest Christmas wishes come true?

Titles in the Christmas Town series include:  The Christmas Cookie Shop – A Mommy For Christmas – Only You At Christmas – The Doctor Orders Christmas – A Glorious Christmas (2018) – A Corner Church Christmas (2018)

Title:  A Mommy For Christmas
Series:  Christmas Town #2
Author:  Ginny Baird
Published:  December 25, 2016
My Rating:  5 stars

Remember Hannah and Carter from The Christmas Cookie Shop?  Well, it’s time for that magical cookie shop’s annual selling of the infamous Virginia Cookies – those delightful three types of cookies that have a definite magical touch, or maybe effect is a better description.  Hannah’s brother, Ben and his daughter Lily are visiting Christmas Town for this grand event, visiting for the weekend with plans to return in a few weeks for Hannah’s wedding and to house-sit for the honeymooning couple.  Jingles and Belle need some company while Hannah is away or that shiny objects thief of a kitten would have everything not nailed down hidden under the guest bed which is Jingles favorite hiding the loot spot.  It also gives Ben and Lily the chance to experience the magic of the Christmas season in Christmas Town.  And if Hannah’s got some matchmaking in mind, it’s only for her friend’s and brother’s happy ever after future that she has in mind.  For Sandy Claus would be the perfect match for Ben… and Sandy is quickly discovering just how fateful this meeting is going to be.

Sandy owns the Christmas Globe Gallery in Christmas Town where her beautiful works of art are displayed and sold.  And if that over-sized snow globe in her front window is an eye catcher – well, there’s a reason the Christmas scene within it looks so realistic.  When the bags of cookies that Sandy and Ben bought are accidentally switched – well, let’s just say the results are fireworks, and perhaps a touch of Sandy’s heritage as well.  While Sandy loves living in Christmas Town she’s also holding onto a family secret – one that could drive a wedge between her and Ben.  Their future depends on Sandy helping Ben to re-discover a long lost belief in Christmas magic and things that need to be believed with the heart.

It’s so easy to fall into the world that Ginny Baird has created in the Christmas Town series.  I loved this second story in the series as much as the first.  Sandy is a funny, charming character – even if she might have waited too long to tell Ben absolutely everything about herself.  The residents of Christmas Town once again make appearances making this small town come alive with hope, love and Christmas magical events.  Lily is adorable and the bond she and Sandy share is so precious.  Ben and Sandy fit well, and I ached over Sandy’s dilemma in telling him her truth.

Once again I was captured by the whimsy of these stories, the feeling of stepping back into my childhood and simply believing in Christmas magic again… as an adult.  I’d strongly recommend A Mommy For Christmas to any reader who loves the charm and magical touches of the Christmas season.  You’ll be caught up in a really good romance, lively secondary characters and a couple that work so well together and deserve their happy ever after ending.

I own an e-book copy of this story.

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