A Miracle Mountain Christmas by Ciara Knight

After seven years of separation, ex-couple Mason Harrington and Savannah Blake are thrust together to save their loved one’s dreams.

But can old wounds from tragic loss, accusations of murder, and running away ever mend?

It will take a miracle on the mountain to heal their hearts and reunite these childhood sweethearts.

Title:  A Miracle Mountain Christmas
Author:  Ciara Knight
Published:  October 11, 2016
My Rating:  4 stars

In many ways A Miracle Mountain Christmas is a story of heartbreak – and the courage it takes to turn that emotion around into an everlasting love once again.

Mason left and never intended to return.  He’d been accused, and cleared of Savannah’s sister’s death.  It was a foolish accident yet in their grief her parents had lashed out at anyone and everyone to place the blame… and that blame was placed on the young man Savannah loved with all her heart.  With Savannah’s parents believing the worst of him, with the small town’s residents turning against him, and believing that Savannah would be better off without him in her life… Mason left home and vowed to not return.  For seven long years he didn’t, burying his grief and loneliness in work and trying to find another woman who could take Savannah’s place in his heart.  But that never happened because he was still in love with the only woman he would ever love.  So, even though he was tricked into it, and because it was his intention anyway, Mason returned to Miracle Mountain to win his lady back… if he could.

This story was an emotional journey.  Savannah is a strong willed, stubborn woman who has held onto the belief that the man she loved would come back to her, to the life they should have had if life had been kinder.  Yet one bit of misunderstood information closed her heart and had her pushing away exactly what she’d dreamed of, prayed for over the past years.  Some would say timing is everything in life, and for Mason and Savannah the timing of his return was just enough off kilter to bring out the worst in them both.  My heart ached for them.

While Christmas is more of a time of year than an actual character in this romance, A Miracle Mountain Christmas brings together some unusual characters, two people who lost everything and are fighting their way back again and a love that will last a lifetime – and in fact, already has.  I would recommend this one for readers who like the more complicated aspects of love, and who recognize two people who belong together battle themselves to find happiness.

I own a Kindle edition of this story.

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